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Thousands of apps launch annually. It’s hard to come up with an idea for an app that’s never been done before. If an idea does pop up in your head, are you prepared to develop it?

Even with the necessary experience, you’ll need the right tools for app development. The good news is that there are intuitive app development platforms that can help turn your ideas into reality.

In our opinion, these are the best app development platforms for now.

1. Quixy

Quixy is a cloud-based no-code platform that caters to business. It allows you to create simple apps that can automate workflows and even build basic to complex applications. Since there’s no need for coding, Quixy is a great tool even for beginners.

You can use Quixy to develop apps that reach out to the general public. However, it’s best used for businesses that want to make applications that allow their organization to be more productive, efficient, innovative, and transparent.

Quixy allows you to start from scratch. However, if you’re pressed for time or if you want a head start, you can customize the pre-built apps from the Quixey app store in just a few minutes too.

2. AppyPie

While Quixy is made for large enterprises, AppyPie has more versatility. It’s made for SMBs that want to put their business on the app store. Be it a storefront or a delivery system, AppyPie does the job pretty well.

What’s great about AppyPIe is that it comes with a wide selection of app builders that give you a template to follow. It can build a restaurant app, a real estate app, and a lot more.

Another upside to using AppyPie is that it comes with built-in analytics for your app. This lets you keep track of things like downloads, number of concurrent users, and more.

AppyPie has a free version, but if you want more features and the brand logo taken off your app, you can subscribe to its premium package.

3. Flowlab

Are you hoping to make the next Flappy Bird, Angry Birds, or Clash of Clans? Flowlab isn’t as complex as coding programs for games. However, it does give you the basics of game development for mobile platforms.

Flowlab is a no-code logic editor that lets you create games without the need for any programming experience. It also features the Pixel Art Spirit tool that allows you to create and eventually animate the assets you’ll be using in-game.

You can create anything from sprites, animations, in-game music, and sound effects.

The games you make can be exported to mobile devices. Additionally, you can also create games for PC and Mac too. If you ever wanted a career as a video game developer, Flowlab is a good start.

4. AppInstitute

This app builder focuses mainly on small businesses. The builder is very easy to use and it lets you create apps for industries like sports and fitness, coffee shops, beauty salons, and more.

It features a simple drag-and-drop mechanic that lets you do everything from launching to marketing your apps. Its suite of features also include Push notifications, social media notifications, loyalty programs, online payments, and more.

One of the best features of AppInstitute is its built-in app marketing suite. It’s perfect for letting your branding shine. Small businesses can use AppInstitute to even create a digital storefront.

5. Zoho Creator

Last but not least, we have Zoho Creator. It’s a low-code platform that lets you create and deliver web and mobile applications quickly.

The app builder includes amazing key features such as Artificial Intelligence, Cloud functions, multi-language support, and more. It also features JavaScript so you can maximize your efforts with the app builder if you know how to code.

What’s most exciting about Zoho Creator is that it integrates with other apps from the Zoho suite. This means you can easily collaborate with your team to help create apps.

Creating apps has never been easier thanks to these amazing tools. Whether you want an app that can help your business become more efficient or an app that entertains, these software are going to be of great help.

Remember, each of these software caters to a specific market so make sure that you do a bit of research about that first.

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