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Browsing Instagram on your iPad has never been so beautiful!

It’s been long over due and finally it’s here! Iris is an Instragram client for the iPad that enables you to do virtually everything you can do in Instagram. Browsing thru photos with Apple’s beautiful “Retina Display” is breath taking.

See all your friends photos in beautiful HD quality.

Never lose context of where you are. Its important as a user that while you are looking at photos in their full view, that you are not lost or taken away from that experience when making comments, or seeing others who liked the photo.

See full profiles of Instagram users and where they took their photos.

Seeing all your friends photos is only one part of the delightful profile view on Iris. You can also see where they took them. That's right. Simply pull up the map and see where the Instagram photos were taken.

More Instagram Features Offered In Iris

Like and even unlike any photo from any where by simply double tapping the photo!

Sometimes you want to know where a photo was taken. Well now you can see detailed maps of where users have taken photos.

Full Retina Display support was a must! Iris takes advantage of the New iPad’s beautiful HD screen!

Find a friend or user that you think someone else might like? Let them know by reccomending them from the profile.